Making Dreams Come True

"Critical attention to the tiny details", "over-the-top client care", and "outside-the-box creativity" are just some of the expressions used to describe our Founder's style and creative passion.


With over 13 years of event experience in Central Florida, Andrew has mastered the art of event planning and event management and has a tremendous resume of private and corporate clients that demonstrates his ability to showcase his talents from the simple to the complex.

Andrew Kress
Founder & Creative Director;
Certified Wedding Planner

Turning a Vision into Reality

Venessa shares a unique bond with each of her clients, providing them with a sense of calm and personal care when they need it most. Her designs are impeccable and leave guests in awe.

Perfection is not just a goal, it is an expectation. Her clients learn to trust the vision and are ultimately blown away but the end results.

Venessa Grullon
Certified Wedding Planner